Update July 2014

The project has moved on now and the quad copters design is evolving into a workable system. The picture below shows the quad copter assembled so far. It has a number of systems with test applications to assess functionality of each system.  Each individual system has been shown to initially work while being bench tested.

Quadcopter Mounted on Mount

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Barometric Pressure and Temperature Sensor
  • IMU
  • Servo Control Board

Systems required designing/assembling

  • Secondary 400MHz communication system (with manual controls and kill switch)
  • Battery Monitoring System¬†

The systems now have to be incorporated into the Raspberry Pi server Demon. This will allow the server to control the quad copter in line with mission parameters and feed any requested and required back to the client application.
Now focus of the project now is to incorporate them into a server / client system.