GPS Bench Test


For navigation the Raspberry Helicopter uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver. This allows the RPiHeli to triangulate its latitude, longitude and height from receiving the location and time from various satellites. The RPiHeli uses a USB Bluenext GPS Receiver. As shown below it is slotted into the lower of the two usb ports on the Raspberry Pi, leaving the upper slot from the WiFi Dongle. The Bluenext USB Receiver has a USB to Serial Port Chip.  A correctly functioning module will be visible within the /dev directory on the RPiHeli. Typically it should appear as /dev/ttyUSB0. The module is compatible with the standard Linux GPS library and demon.

Testing the GPS Receiver


Test Program/ Class

A C++ Class has been written to obtain data from the Linux Demon and pass it to the flight control software.

There is a simple test application that obtains the data and demonstrates how to use the GPS library and demon to obtain the values.