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  • SPI breakout board to control 7 servo motors,for AVR, arduino, PIC, Raspberry Pi
  • Pressure Sensor MS5611

    The pressure sensor selected for the project is the Measurement Specialties MS5611. It is sensor that measures the pressure and temperature in 24-bit  using either I2C / SPI. For this project the I2C interface will be used connected directly to the Raspberry Pi. The pressure and temperature together with the reference sea level pressure can be used to calculate the altitude of the sensor.

    Obtaining the I2C sensor


    Connecting the I2C sensor

    Using the I2C connection on the pi (or using the breakout board such as the bitwizard one)


    Enabling the I2C port on the Raspberry Pi


    Downloading the source code.

    Install git

    Install i2c-tools

    Download code from google code

    git clone

    Compile the code 



    The current sea level pressure for the UK can be found at XCWeather

    Elevation data for a given latitude longitude can be found at elevationmap.