Servo Control Board Bench Test

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Update to Bitwizard Servo Frimware

To prevent the quad copter from causing unnecessary damage, Bitwizard have provided a custom upgrade to the servo board. Automatic default/kill  system has been implemented.  When activated the systems will revert a servo or motor to the default value within a defined time frame.  The "default value" address for the boards at 0x30-37 and the "timeout when it activates" address are at 0x38 to 0x3f.

The way it works is you set a default value, and it reverts to the default value after the indicated time. The time can be set between 0.1 and 25.4 seconds. Turn the feature off again by writing 0x00 or 0xff.

The zip contains the .hex files ready for flashing to the servo board.


To update the servo board one should follow the Bitwizard instructions which are:

If you have a raspberry pi, and there is a reason to upgrade your bitwizard board and you have a raspberry pi, then this can be done....

Get the modified avrdude binary from:

Next you have to make a connection from your raspberry pi SPI0 bus to the programming connector for your board.